Tamarac Square Greenspace – Denver, CO

Tamarac Square Greenspace

Denver, CO

Scouting photographs from this location:

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General Description:

This area is a greenspace between several businesses. There is a manicured creek called Goldsmith Gulch running through the center. There are several white painted wooden bridges, the area is flanked by beautiful reflective glass buildings, and there are several benches and rocks that could be used for posing.

Photographic Highlights:

White bridges

Blossoming trees in spring

Deciduous Trees

Well groomed area

Well groomed grass

Large reflective glass buildings

Pretty creek


Target and several other stores and restaurants are right next to this location.

Parking and Accessibility:

Large parking lot at Target. There is also street parking along Eastman Avenue. This area would be difficult for those with disabilities that effect mobility because there are some stairs and steep inclines in the area. It is a relatively easy walk for most.

Hours of Operation:

No posted hours.


There may be security in this area due to all the businesses. It is an open area, but I could see where certain security may question certain activities.

 Map of the Area:

 Nearby Areas:

Goldsmith Gulch

Hutchinson Park

James A. Bible Park