Homestead Park – Aurora, CO

Homestead Park

Aurora, CO


Scouting photographs from this location:

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General Description:

This is a small community park next to the Murphy Creek K-8 School. It isn’t much, but it could be a very cute place to take a small child for photographs. The playground equipment is well maintained and resembles a painted old homestead. There is a lovely windmill, but it is right next to the playground. There is a large maintained grass soccer field and a large natural grassy area as well. The Murphy Creek Golf course is across the street.

A park from the City of Aurora Parks, Recreation, and Open Space System.

Photographic Highlights:


Natural grassy area

Maintained grassy area

Cute painted homestead playground equipment


Bathrooms that may be locked periodically

Parking and Accessibility:

Parking along E. Florida Avenue.

Hours of Operation:

5am – 11pm


City of Aurora Parks, Recreation, and Open Space



 Map of the Area: